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Food Prep

Smallwares > Food Prep
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11-3/4" Slotted Spoon, Hollow Hdl, S/S


11pc Cookie Cutter Set, Plain Round, 1" to 3" Dia x 1"H, S/S


12" Bamboo Skewers, 100/bag


13" Colanders, Chinese Style, 2.5mm Holes, S/S


13qt Mixing Bowl, Economy, S/S


15" Colanders, Chinese Style, 2.5mm Holes, S/S


16oz sqeeze bottle single


16qt Mixing Bowl, Economy, S/S


20oz PC Scoop, Clear


20qt Mixing Bowl, Economy, S/S


20qt Pasta Cooker, Alu


24" Stirring Paddle, Wooden


3/4qt Mixing Bowl, Economy, S/S


30qt Mixing Bowl, Economy, S/S


32oz PC Scoop, Clear


36" Stirring Paddle, Wooden


3qt Mixing Bowl, Economy, S/S


3qt Mixing Bowl, Silicone Base, S/S


48" Stirring Paddle, Wooden


4qt Mixing Bowl, Economy, S/S


4qt Round Storage Container, Translucent, PP


50oz PC Scoop, Clear


5qt Mixing Bowl, Economy, S/S


5qt Mixing Bowl, Silicone Base, S/S


64oz Plastic Scoop, White


7 quart electric food warmer


8qt Mixing Bowl, Economy, S/S


8qt Mixing Bowl, Silicone Base, S/S


Alegacy Dough Scraper 5" x 7"


BBQ Grilling Claws


Brining Bag


Butter Roller, 7" x 6-3/8"




Colander w/ handles, no base,16Qt, Alu


Colander w/Base & Handle, 16qt, Alu


Colander, Chinese Style, 16qt, Alu


Culinary Torch


Dough Scraper, Plastic Hdl, S/S Blade


Dough Scraper, Wooden Hdl, S/S Blade


Electric 11 Qt. Food Warmer


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